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Apple’s operating system is great. But when you don’t need a feature, and you have no control to disable it, it becomes a distraction. Power users tweak their systems in order to become more concentrated and productive.

So can be you. In this course, you’ll learn a bunch of productivity tricks.
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To stop suffering from too many tabs in Chrome

February 08:

How to limit yourself for the good of the cause

February 15:

How to minimize distractions in OS X

To be announced:

Project-centric approach to files organization

To be announced:

How to get rid of the mess on your computer

To be announced:

Forgotten yet useful features of Finder app

About the author

Ivan Nemytchenko

I bought my first MacBook 10 years ago. During these 10 years, I worked as software developer, as project manager, as even as CEO, and even as a designer a bit. I was organizing conferences, making presentations, writing articles and so on.

As many of us, I was struggling to make my environment more productive. Now I am happy to share my findings with you.