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MacOs X is great! Although, when you don’t need a feature, and you have no control to disable it, it becomes a distraction. Power users tweak their systems in order to become more concentrated and productive.

So can be you. In this course, you’ll learn a bunch of productivity tricks.
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The course is devoted to:

You will learn:


To stop suffering from too many tabs in Chrome


How to limit yourself for the good of the cause


How to minimize distractions in OS X


Project-centric approach to files organization


How to get rid of the mess on your computer


Make tags great again!

About the author

Ivan Nemytchenko

I've bought my first MacBook 12 years ago. During these 12 years, I've been playing many different roles in hundreds of projects.

As many of you, I was struggling to make my environment more productive. Now I am happy to share my findings with you.