1Activity for macOS

Declutters your digital assets

...and saves your time
by routing everything you download
to corresponding projects' folders

Mess in Downloads
Everything is mixed up
Everything is organized
The files are arranged according to the projects. Cleanliness and tidiness

Saves time

Forget about «Save as...» dialog. No need to think about where to save, everything will be saved current project folder automatically.

Saves your brain fuel

No need to browse through hierarchy of folders. There is only one place to care about - your current project folder. At any moment it is only one click away from you.

Helps to focus

1Activity reminds you about the thing you're working on by showing the name of the current project in menubar. Say no to distractions, say yes to mindful productive work.

1Activity features

Release Notes

1Activity 0.6.0

  • Keyboard layout independent activity search
  • Hotkey Cmd+"," to open preferences window
  • List of 3rd-party software we use
  • Fix for window position after display resolution change
  • Small fix for "restore defaults" functionality
  • Improved logging

1Activity 0.5.1

  • Ability to specify custom additional activity folders
  • You can now add "Current" symlink to the Finder sidebar (it shouldn't disappear)
  • Update window will not be triggered in DND mode
  • New backend for URL saving (supposedly more stable work with Safari, Vivaldy support, half-assed Firefox support)

1Activity 0.5.0

  • Re-enabled notifications
  • Support for file rename with tricky names
  • Auto-update
  • AppleScript based notifications
  • Less CPU usage
  • Faster switching between activities
  • Started to collect statistics (number of switches between projects and number of active projects)
  • Safe rename by default(creates copy if file exists), force rename with Shift+Enter
  • Fixed filtering for activities with letters like "ё" and "й"
  • Added small app for finder toolbar to quickly switch to current activity

1Activity 0.4.1

  • Emacs- and vim-like navigation
  • {Aliases} for activity names

1Activity 0.4.0

  • First public version